Snapchat Loading Screen On Loading Screen? 10 Ways To Fix!

How to get over your fear of Snapchat's loading screen issues

Snapchat loading screen

If you’re one of the many people struggling with the Snapchat loading screen error that’s ‘tap to load,’ you’re probably wondering what Snapchat is and how to fix the issue. In this article, we’ll look at what Snapchat is and some potential solutions to the “tap to load” screen error.

Snapchat is a multimedia messaging app used by millions of people around the world. The app allows users to send photos and videos that disappear after a set amount of time. Snapchat has several features, including filters and lenses, that make the app even more fun.

However, it has been plagued by one common issue, the “tap to load screen” error that prevents some users from using the app. This can be frustrating for users who want to see their snaps. Luckily, you can do a few things to fix this problem. Let’s get started!

Why is Snapchat’s loading screen error?

The tap-to-load Snapchat screen error message is one of the most common issues users face when using the app. This error pops up when users try to open the app and prevent them from accessing any of their snaps or messages. The cause of this error is unknown, but a few possible workaround methods have been successful for some users.

This error can be annoying for users, making it impossible to have fun with the app. Snapchat loading screen issue itself is quite cryptic and does not provide any insight as to what the problem might be. What’s more, the error message that pops up when this difficulty occurs is also rather unhelpful and vague, but it doesn’t mean that your app is broken.

10 Ways to fix the snap loading screen on Android and iOS

Users may occasionally experience problems with snaps failing to load. This can be caused by bugs or memory problems on the device. There’s nothing worse than when you’re trying to use Snapchat, and the screen loading difficulties start.

It’s a frustrating difficulty that can happen for various reasons, and we’ll go over them so you can try to fix the issue. Here are some tips you should try to fix snap-loading screen problems if you run into this issue.

1. Restart your device.

If you’re having a problem with the Snapchat app not loading on your device, try restarting your device. This can fix a number of issues that are causing issues with Snapchat. Restarting your device will close all running apps and allow it to reload. This can help clear up any software glitches that may be causing the problem.

Here’s how to restart your device:

If you’re using an iPhone or iPad, press the power button until the “slide to power off” option appears. Then, slide the button to the right to turn off your device. Hold the power button again to turn it back on until you see the Apple logo.

Suppose you’re using an Android phone or tablet, press and hold the power button until you see a menu appear. Then, tap “Restart” to reboot your device. Once your device has been restarted, try loading Snapchat again.

2. Check your internet connection.

If your Snapchat takes a long time to load, it could be because of your internet connection. If you have connected to Wi-Fi, disconnect it and try with your phone data but if you’re still having issues with loading Snapchat, try another app or website to see if the problem is with your connection. If you have multiple apps that are having difficulties, it’s probably your internet connection.

3. Update Snapchat app.

If you’re having trouble with Snapchat loading, it’s probably time to update the app.

Here’s why:
1. Newest version is always more stable. With each new update, Snapchat developers work out any kinks that might be causing problems like screen loading issues.
2. You could be missing out on new features. In addition to bug fixes, each new Snapchat update usually comes with at least one new feature or improvement. So, if you’re stuck on an old version, you might not be able to take advantage of the latest and greatest that Snapchat offers.
3. Older versions of apps are often less secure. As time goes on, app developers learn more about security risks and how to protect users’ data.

To do so, go to the Google Play Store or App Store and check for any updates to Snapchat. If an update is available, download the update and then see if your issues are resolved.

4. Clear Snapchat cache.

If you’re having problems with Snapchat loading slowly or crashing, you can try clearing the app’s cache. This will delete any temporary files that may be causing the issue. Here’s how to do it:

Android Users:

To clear the cache data, go to Settings > Apps Snapchat > Storage > Clear Cache.

iPhone users (iOS):

1. Open Settings > Storage.
2. Under Device Storage > Tap on Internal Storage.
3. Tap Cached data > Tap on OK > clear all app cache.

Doing this will remove any temporary files that may be causing the Snapchat app not to load properly

5. Uninstall and reinstall Snapchat.

If you’re having trouble with Snapchat loading screens, uninstalling and reinstalling the app may be the best way to fix the problem. This process will delete any corrupt files causing the issue and give you a fresh start. Here’s why you should try this solution:

1. Uninstalling and reinstalling an app can often fix glitches and bugs.
2. If you’re still having trouble after uninstalling and reinstalling Snapchat, it might be from Snapchat server issues.

6. Delete and Add Your Friend Again.

If your Snapchat is not working, you may want to delete and add your friends again. To do so:

  1. Go to Settings Chat Settings Advanced.
  2. Tap on Clear Cache.
  3. Tap on Delete All Chat and Story Messages, then tap on Delete Account.

7. Delete Old Chats

If you’re fed up with the Snapchat loading screen issue, there are a few things you can try to fix it. One solution is to delete old chats. This can be done by following the steps below:

1. Open Snapchat app.
2. Tab on Settings and select Clear conversation under the Privacy section.
3. Tab on the cross mark to the Snapchat connection and tap on clear to complete it.

Keep in mind that if you delete a chat, you won’t be able to get it back. So, make sure that you only delete conversations you don’t need anymore.

8. Enable App Permission.

If your Snapchat app gets stuck on a loading screen, there might be that you have not enabled the app permission on your phone for Snapchat to function as it should. If you’re wondering why you should enable app permissions for Snapchat, here are a few good reasons.

First, by allowing the app access to your camera, you’ll be able to take and share photos and videos with your friends. Second, by giving Snapchat access to your location, you’ll be able to see Snaps from nearby friends. And finally, by allowing Snapchat access to your microphone, you’ll be able to record and send voice messages.

9. Reset Your Phone’s Network Settings.

If you’re having trouble loading Snapchat, you may need to reset your phone’s network settings.

Here’s why:
1. When you reset your network settings, it resets your Wi-Fi passwords and cellular settings.
2. This can be helpful if you’re having trouble connecting to a specific Wi-Fi network or trying to connect to a new one.
3. If you’ve recently changed your password or made any other changes to your network, those changes will be reflected after you reset your network settings.

Once you’ve reset your network settings, try opening Snapchat again. If it still doesn’t work, including all the above listed, then it might be an issue from Snapchat server, and try to contact support to find out.

10. Contact Snapchat Support.

How to fix the Snapchat loading screen issue by Contacting Snapchat Support

If you’re still having trouble, the next step is to contact Snapchat support. You can open the app or visit the support page for help. You can click this link to get to Snapchat support. This will take you to a page where you can submit a request for help.

Snapchat loading screen Stuck FAQs.

Why is my Snapchat stuck on a loading screen?

Here are a few common reasons your Snapchat may be stuck on a loading screen. One possibility is that your phone’s internet connection is weak or not working. Another reason could be that the Snapchat servers are down or experiencing some technical issues.

Lastly, there’s possibly a problem with the Snapchat app itself, and you will need to uninstall and reinstall the app to fix the problem.

What Do You Do When A Snap Doesn’t Load?

When a snap doesn’t load, you should restart your phone and try reloading Snapchat again. If that doesn’t work, try to log out and log in again. Sometimes, all it takes is a fresh start to get things working again.

If you have tried all these troubleshooting tips and are still having issues, reach out to Snapchat’s customer support for further assistance.

Why does Snapchat load a black screen?

A few possible reasons a Snapchat may load with a black screen. One possibility is that the app isn’t fully updated. Try reloading the app or checking for updates if this is the case. Another potential reason is an issue with your device’s software or hardware. If your phone is running an old version of iOS, for example, this could cause problems with Snapchat.

Finally, it’s also possible that Snapchat is down or experiencing server issues. In this case, you’ll have to wait until the issue is resolved.


If you are having issues with your Snapchat loading screen, following the steps in this article should help solve the problem. Make sure you have a strong and stable internet connection, close any other apps running in the background, and restart your phone. If these steps do not work, you may need to uninstall and reinstall the app. However, if the difficulty persists, contact Snapchat support.

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