What Happens When You Get Banned On Snapchat

Banned from Snapchat? Here's what you can expect.

What Happens When You Get Banned On Snapchat

This must-read article will unfold what happens when you get banned on Snapchat. But before we set the ball rolling, readers want to know what Snapchat actually is. Snapchat is a well-acclaimed messaging app that enables users to send and receive videos and pictures. These pictures and videos are known as snaps.

These snaps can be private or public, depending on the sender’s intent. They have a timeline to disappear or expire. Snapchat also encourages the adding of filters and lenses.

When snap-chatter get their account locked, it sometimes needs to be clarified why. The app is notoriously strict and can disable user accounts for several reasons. Most often, the user has been reported by others or promotes discrimination or violence. According to the company’s Terms of Service, anyone can get their account terminated for violating the community guidelines. Let’s check out more details about it.

Can a Banned Snapchat User create a New Account?

Users who have been banned permanently on Snapchat cannot unlock their accounts. They will still be blocked even if they try to open another account with the same email identity. However, suppose the user feels their account was banned permanently for no better reason. In that case, they can forward their petition to the Snapchat Support Team for corrective action.

What Happens When You Get Banned On Snapchat?

If you’re lucky, getting your account disabled results in nothing more than a temporary account lock (short-lived suspension). However, if you’re unlucky, being banned from the platform can mean losing your account permanently. The list below is what will happen to permanent account bans:

  • Your account is locked, and you can’t log in.
  • Your account is no longer visible to other users
  • All your Snapchat data is deleted.
  • You lose all your Snapchat friends.
  • You lose access to your Snapchat streaks.

So what happens if you find yourself on the wrong side of Snapchat’s ban hammer? If it’s just a temporary suspension, you’ll be able to log back in after 24 hours. However, you won’t be able to access it if it is permanent.

7 Activities that Would Get You Banned On Snapchat

While Snap has a timeline to disappear when shared, allowing users to share pictures and videos and enjoy life’s moments continuously, users should avoid certain acts to enable one to enjoy the services provided by Snapchat according to what is stipulated in the Snapchat Terms and Conditions.

These activities below go against Snapchat’s Terms and conditions:

1: Explicit Images On Snapchat

Sending explicit images or pornographic content, or materials on Snapchat will get you banned permanently or your account locked forever; it is, therefore, very important to rethink the content you want to share on Snapchat. Encouraging users under 18 to send explicit or sexual pictures on Snapchat is prohibited and could lead to stiffer punishments.

Apart from your account being locked forever or banned permanently, you can also be reported to the appropriate authorities as stipulated in the Snapchat Community Guidelines.

2: Posting spam

Of course, posting or sending spam and unwanted materials on Snapchat can keep your account locked forever. It is important to check your content before getting them posted. Sending unsolicited messages will get you punished by losing your account forever.

When the system detects that you have added a lot of friends while your account has not been verified, you risk losing your account.

Snapchat categorizes posting spam as a form of harassment. As such, it could lead to stiffer punishments.

3: Use of Unauthorized Third-Party Apps

With Snapchat being one of the best apps to accomplish its mission, there has also been a proliferation of third-party applications globally.

Some of these third-party applications are SCOthman, Phantom, Sneakaboo, and Snapchat ++, which also exhibit excellent features. Some of them may not be advisable to use when users don’t want their Snapchat account permanently disabled. Accessing Snapchat with these applications would get your account locked up.

For the first or initial instance, they will temporarily lock your account up for 24 hours when you use an unauthorized third-party app to access Snapchat. Still, continuously using these applications to access your account will get it disabled.

4: Impersonation

When a fake or false account is created using someone’s name and details will automatically lead to the account being terminated when detected. This violates Snapchat’s guidelines, and the impersonator can face stiffer punishment and be reported to the relevant authorities for legal actions to be taken.

5: Inappropriate Content

As Snapchat Still thrives on being popular as far as social media platforms are concerned, posting offensive and other ill content would get you identified and be reported to the Snapchat team.

They will systematically review the reported case and see whether punishment should be applied. Bullying, threatening, and causing harm and violence are some activities that would permanently ban you from Snapchat.

6: Dubious or Illegal Activities

Using Snapchat for dubious or illegal activities can lead to your account being disabled. It is against the wish and regulations of Snapchat to receive content that promotes or encourages crime. So to stay safe on the app and to avoid stiffer punishments, users should desist from these activities.

It is a great and popular platform, so all activities are closely monitored. Users should adopt common sense and good manners to prevent users from using this platform for dubious or illegal activity.

7: False Information and Derogatory Speech

As a social media platform of excellence, it prohibits using its platform to spread false information, abusive behavior, or use derogatory speech directed against humanity.

Any information or speech that promotes violence, hatred, and discrimination regarding ethnicity, race, religion, color, disability, or nationality should be avoided to stay active using the service.

Can a Permanently Banned Snapchat Account Be Unlocked?

There is no sure way to unlock a permanently terminated Snapchat account, but you can try a few things. You can contact Snapchat support and appeal or try to create a new account with a different email address and phone number.

If you’ve been permanently disabled from Snapchat, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to regain access to your account. However, it’s worth trying to appeal the decision or creating a new account if you still want to use the service.


What do I do if I’m banned on Snapchat?

You can do a few things to try and get your account unbanned. First, try contacting Snapchat’s customer support. They can help you with your issue and get your account unbanned. Second, try deleting and reinstalling because sometimes it can be a bug and can help fix the problem and get your account unlocked.

Lastly, if nothing else works, you can always create a new account with a different email and number and start fresh. Just be sure to stay away from violations.


Now that we have delved deeply into what happens when you get banned on Snapchat, users should remain vigilant and be selective of what content to post to stay safe on Snapchat and enjoy life’s moments to the full rather than violating the rules and regulations of the app.

Being disabled from the platform can lead to losing important contacts, access to meaningful communication, and even money. If you find yourself in this situation, it is essential to appeal the decision and try to reinstate your account. Stay safe and enjoy!

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