Why Are Some Snapchat Stories Blue (The Blue Ring Meaning)

Why are some Snapchat stories blue

There’s no official explanation from Snapchat as to why some stories have a blue accent color whiles others are different on the platform. However, we have learned that it’s a privacy feature that allows you to turn it on or off. Snapchat is one platform that has embraced this format and set itself apart from Instagram, Facebook, and others. One of the distinguishing features of its stories is that some have blue rings. Why are some Snapchat stories blue for others?

Only some people are aware of the meaning behind the blue Snapchat story. While some think it is simply a way to add color and make things more interesting, there is a deeper meaning. The blue ring lets others know that the user has added new content that can be viewed, which is different from a usual snap we will cover later.

Why are some Snapchat stories blue?

The blue color that appears on the app stories means the posted story is private. You can easily tell the difference between a public story and a private one because of the color. When you see a blue background with a lock icon at the bottom, you should know that they have chosen to share it with only a select few people.

This privacy settings feature is excellent for sharing intimate moments or sensitive information with close friends without worrying about everyone seeing it. It also prevents screenshots from being taken by random people without permission. To view a private story, you must be added by the person who posted it, and the blue ring disappears after it is viewed.

What do the different colors mean on Snapchat?

Every color on the app mean a different thing; some are red, yellow, purple, and so on. If you’re an active Snapchat user, you know that the little icons beside recent Snap or chat you sent someone tell whether they read your message or not. But did you know that those same icons can also give you an overview of your messaging status at a glance? Here’s what you need to know.

The first thing to note is that the icons are color coded. Now, let’s look at what some of these icons mean in terms of your messaging status.

1. Red Solid Arrow: Snap without audio is sent to a friend.
2. Red Unfilled Arrow: Your buddy opens your Snap without audio.
3. Purple solid arrow: You have sent a snap with audio to your friend.
4. Purple solid square: Snap with audio is sent to you by your friend.
5. Blue solid arrow: Your sent a message to your friend.
6. Blue unfilled arrow: Your friend has opened your message.

Why Is There No Blue Circle Around Snapchat Story

Not seeing a blue circle around your story could be for a few reasons. One is that you haven’t added anyone to your story privately. To do so, go to your story page or screen and tap on the settings. From there, you can search for friends or add them from your phone’s contacts list to invite them to see the story privately. If you’re having trouble adding friends, make sure you have installed the latest updated Snapchat app to fix a bug or glitch.

Another reason you might not see a blue circle around your story is if you posted it as “My Story.” When this is done, anyone can view your story because you have set it to public, and that’s why there’s no blue ring around your snap story.

Blue vs purple Snapchat story: The differences.

When it comes to social media, there are a lot of different colors and symbols that can mean a variety of things. When your friends appear with a purple ring on the app, it means new stories are posted publicly, but you have not yet watched, and the opposite goes for the blue circles. But, the blue indicate that the published new stories from your friends are private, and you can only view them if you are invited. This can be confusing for some people, but once you know what each color means, it’s easy to use the app effectively.


In conclusion, a Story with a blue colored circle simple means the posted story is private. If you see this ring, the person who posted the story has chosen to make it only visible to a specific group of their friends. This is a helpful feature for people who want to share their stories with only a few people. The distinction between public & private stories is important, and the color coding makes it easy to tell which is which.

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