How to Check for Driver Updates With 4 Simple Methods

How to check for driver updates

How to check for driver updates and why it’s important. When you’re using a computer, there’s always the potential for viruses and other malware that can damage your system.
Drivers are essential for the proper function of your computer system. When a new driver is released, it is important to update your computer system to ensure compatibility and optimal performance.

It does not only improve the functionality of your system but can also prevent security risks and protect you from potential issues. This will keep your computer safe, running and can ensure that your system is able to communicate with various devices and components in the best possible way. We will show you four different methods on how to do this.

Method 1: Using Windows Update

If you’re like most people, you check for driver updates on your computer from time to time. But are you checking for updates that are important to your safety? Windows Update can help you stay safe by checking for driver updates that are important to the security and stability of your computer.
It can also help you keep your computer up to date with the latest security fixes. During a scan, it looks for driver updates and install them on your computer if they are available.

When it’s time to upgrade your drivers, let Windows Update do the work for you. We recommend that you install all available updates for your system. Windows Update checks for new released software’s upgrade automatically, but sometimes you may need to manually check for drivers.

Here’s how to do it.
Step 1: Log in to Windows Update (Click on the Start button and type “update” or select Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update).

How to Check for Driver Updates

Check for Driver Updates

Driver Updates

Step 2: Click on the “Check for updates” button.

Windows Update

Step 3: If there are updates, you’ll see a window similar to this one: Note: Some updates may require you to restart your computer before they will be installed.
Step 4: Click “Install updates“.
Step 5: After the installation is completed, you may require to reboot your computer.

Method 2: Device Manager

Device Manager is a utility that can be used to check for driver updates on a Windows-based computer devices such as graphic card, Realtek Audio, Printer, wifi and others and it can fix problems with your hardware, and often provide improved performance.

Users can also uninstall, rollback, disable a particular driver from the Device Manager. You can also manually check for new software upgrade that are available for your hardware. We will cover 3 options on how to check for driver updates using device manager tool.

Option 1:
1. Start Menu > Search for Device Manager
2. Select and double click to expand the device you what to check for driver update.
3. Right-click the driver and select Update Driver.

How to Check for Driver Updates

4. Select Search automatically for drivers and the driver will automatically search for update if is available.

Device Manager

Option 2:
This is also second option you can use to check and install from your local computer.

To do so, follow these steps:
1. Continue from step 3 in option 1. Here, A dialog box will open saying, “How do you want to search for drivers ?“. Select Browser my computer for drivers instead of Selecting Search automatically for drivers
2. If you have already downloaded the drivers on your computer, then click browse and locate the downloaded file on your computer and follow installation instructions on your screen.

select Update Driver

Option 3:
From here, after selecting Browser my computer for drivers, choose Let me pick a list of available drivers on my computer if you want to install them automatically from the computer. This option will provide a list if all the drivers for the selected device on your PC and then click on the driver and click Next. But be sure to tick the check box Show compatible hardware and follow instructions to complete.

Browser my computer for drivers

Method 3: Device manufacturer website

How to check for driver updates on manufacturer website? Device manufacturer websites are a great way to keep your devices up to date with the latest firmware and software. The manufacturer’s website, you can be sure that you’re getting the latest security patches and bug fixes.

Device manufacturer website is a convenient way to check for upgrades and install them on your PC. For example, if you’re looking to update your Dell computer devices, you can check for them at the Dell official website and search for your device model by using your model number or browse throughout the list to find your device, download them on your PC and follow instruction to install.

Method 4: Using third party utilities

Third party software utility is a term used to describe software programs that are not developed by the company or organization that owns the computer. These programs can be downloaded from the internet, or they can be purchased.
Third party software utilities can be used to perform a variety of tasks on a computer, such as organizing and managing files, installing new programs, and repairing damaged files.

Rollback: Reverting to an earlier driver version

Device drivers are essential for computers to communicate with peripheral devices and other systems. However, device drivers can sometimes cause problems after they are installed. If you have problems with the update, there are a few things you can do. First, try reinstalling the update. If that doesn’t work, try rolling back the update.

Here’s how to do it.
1. From Device Manager, right-click the device and select Properties.
2. Click on the Driver tab on the open dialog box
3. Then click on Roll Back Driver and follow instruction to complete. After that, see if reverting to a previous version helps.

Roll Back Driver

How to check for driver updates: FAQ’s

Do drivers update automatically?

Are you sure your drivers are up to date? Many people don’t think to check, but it’s important that your drivers are current because they affect how your computer works. Windows updates drivers automatically, but sometimes you may not have received an update notification or perhaps you’re just not aware that a new driver is available. So, yes it does automatically but you can check and do it manually also.

Can you update drivers for free?

The answer is YES, there are a few ways to get updated drivers without spending a dime. One way is to go to the manufacturer’s website and look for an updated driver. You can also find and download updated drivers with the help of third-party sites. Some are free and paid versions but mostly the free version might be okay. You can go for paid version as some offers free trial and money back guaranteed.

How can I check if Motherboard Drivers Are Up to Date?

If you’re having problems with your computer, one of the things you may want to do is check if the drivers for your motherboard are up to date. However, it is quite easy if you want to update your BIOS itself.

Will out of date drivers affect performance?

PC drivers can become outdated over time, which may affect a computer’s performance. Updating your PC’s driver software can help to improve overall system performance. However, some older drivers may not be compatible with newer hardware, and may even cause a computer to crash. It is important to keep your PC drivers up-to-date in order to avoid any potential problems.

What are different methods for checking for driver updates?

One way to check for driver update is to go to the manufacturer’s website and look for available one. Another way to check for driver updates is through Windows Update. Some drivers may be automatically downloaded and installed when you update your operating system, while others may require you to go through the Windows Update process.

It can also provide you with information about the latest drivers available for your device as well as device manager and third-part utilities as discussed in this article.

How to check for driver updates and install safely?

Many people think that drivers updating their operating system is a simple task, but the reality is that it can be risky. In fact, many accidents are caused by drivers not updating their software safely.

Here are some tips to do it safely:
1. Make sure the computer is plugged into an outlet and properly connected to the internet.
2. Back up your data before updating your software.
3. Update for your device from a trusted website to prevent errors and crashes.
4. It’s always good to run a virus scan before updating drivers.
5. Always update them in an orderly manner and not all at once.
6. Make sure that the program is compatible with your operating system you are using.
7. If it fails, try to roll back the driver to a previous version before updating again.
8. If you have any questions regarding software or hardware, ask or search on Google before

In conclusion, it is important to keep your drivers up-to-date in order to maintain optimal computer performance. There are a few different ways you can check, and the method you choose will depend on your comfort level and technical expertise. If you are not comfortable updating your drivers manually, there are a number of software programs available that will do it for you. We hope this guide you on how to check for driver updates.

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