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You can play Minecraft on your Chromebook!

how to download Minecraft on Chromebook

Minecraft is one of the most popular computer games, with millions of players worldwide. But what if you want to download, install and play Minecraft on a Chromebook? Unfortunately, there is no version of the game available for Chromebooks. However, there is a way around it which we will cover in this article.

Versions of Minecraft are available for Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, and iOS devices, which leaves Chromebook users out of the fun. Now let’s get started.

How to download Minecraft on Chromebook: Education Edition from Google Play Store

You can download and install Minecraft Education Edition on your Chromebook. Minecraft Education Edition is a modified version of the game designed for students and other educational settings. You will need to have an education email address given to set up this program after the installation. Before you start, ensure that your Chromebook is updated with the most recent version of Chrome OS.

1. Open the Settings page and turn on Google Play Store if it is not on because it will allow you to use the Play Store to download and install Android apps on your Chromebook to start the installation.

How to download Minecraft on Chromebook: Education Edition from Google Play Store

2. Now visit the Play Store and look for Minecraft: Education Edition (get it here for Free) by searching for it and clicking the install button to download and install the game. Wait for the installation to complete, as it might take some time.

download Minecraft

3. Also, note that students have free and limited logins. After that, you will have to buy a subscription; get it here. And you will have to use your school account with an email to log in to Minecraft.

Download, Install and Play Minecraft: Java Edition on Chrome OS

1. Go to the Settings app on your Chromebook, then click the Advanced settings on the left navigation side. Click the Developers tab under the Advanced settings.

Download and Install Minecraft: Java Edition on Chrome OS

2. You will see Linux in the development environment (Beta), then click and turn on the button next to it. An installation window will appear. Click Next and choose the size of the disk, then click Install.

Install Minecraft: Java Edition on Chrome OS

3. The installation will take some time to complete, search and open the Linux Terminal. Update the Linux environment using the command below to install the operating system to the latest version. Enter it and hit Enter once.

CODE: Sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade -y

4. Download the Debian / Ubuntu version from the Minecraft downloads website/page by clicking on Minecraft.deb. Find the archived file in the Downloads folder on your computer, and then right-click and copy the file.

Minecraft: Java Edition on Chrome OS

5. Now open the Linux folder files from the left panel, paste what you copied into that folder, and double-click to open to run the file. Click Install in the open window. It might take some time for it to complete, then Click OK.

Download the Debian / Ubuntu version from Minecraft downloads

7. Enter “Minecraft Launcher” in the search field, click the icon, open it, sign into your Minecraft account and start playing. That’s it.

Minecraft Launcher

Download and Install Minecraft using PojavLauncher (ARM and x86)

Suppose you’re looking for a simple way to download and install Minecraft on Chromebook. In that case, PojavLauncher is the program for you, which helps run the Android version of Minecraft on ARM and x86-based Chromebooks, making it perfect for a wide range of users. The process is simple: download the launcher, extract the files, and run PojavLauncher.exe. You’ll be up and playing in no time!

1. On your Chromebook device, open the Settings app by clicking on time at the bottom of the screen, on the status bar, and then click the Settings icon.
2. Select the Apps tab, and if your device supports Google Play Store, it will be in the listed option on the Apps screen. Next is to Turn it on.
3. After it is installed, open and run the PojavLauncher. Allow it permission to access your device.
4. Minecraft’s software will automatically be downloaded and installed; afterward, you will be able to log in.

Play Minecraft on Chromebook FAQs

How to download Minecraft on Chromebook for free?

Minecraft is a game that can be downloaded for free on your computer. However, users can make in-game purchases to enhance their gameplay. For example, you can purchase skins for your character or different worlds.

Some people may feel the game is not worth the cost because other games are free to download. However, others find that the added features make the game more enjoyable and worth the price.

Is Minecraft good for kids to play?

In my opinion, Minecraft can be a great tool for learning if used in the right way. I have seen my students use it to create amazing things, from replicas of famous buildings to entire worlds they have designed. The game can also help children develop problem-solving skills and teamwork skills.

That being said, it is important to set some ground rules for how long kids can play Minecraft and what they can do in the game. It is easy for kids to get lost in the virtual world and spend hours playing, which can be counterproductive to other activities they need to do.

Is Minecraft better than Roblox?

Minecraft and Roblox are two of the most popular online games for children. Both games are very different, but some believe Minecraft is better than Roblox.

Some people prefer Minecraft to Roblox because Minecraft is more creative. Because players can build anything they want with the blocks, they find in the game. In Roblox, players have a limited number of blocks to build with, which can be frustrating for some kids.

Another reason people like Minecraft better than Roblox is that there are no rules. Players can do whatever they want in the game, which can be fun for kids who like to explore and experiment. In Roblox, there are many rules that players must follow, which can be annoying for some kids. In my opinion. See Roblox on Chromebook here!

Is Minecraft better than Fortnite?

There is no clear answer whether Minecraft or Fortnite is a better game. They are both immensely popular and have their own unique set of strengths and weaknesses.

Minecraft is more creative and allows players more freedom to build whatever they want. Fortnite is more action-packed and has better graphics. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference. Some people prefer creative games with less action, while others prefer more fast-paced and exciting games.

Is Minecraft laggy on Chromebook?

First, it is important to note that not all Chromebooks are created equal. Some models are more powerful than others and can handle the game better. Try upgrading to a newer model if you are experiencing lag when playing Minecraft on your Chromebook.

In addition, there are a few things you can do to improve the performance of Minecraft on Chromebooks. One thing you can try is disabling extensions and apps that you are not using. You can also try closing other tabs you have open in your web browser. Finally, you can try lowering the game graphics settings.

Which version of Minecraft should I download and install?

Minecraft: Java Edition and Minecraft Pocket Edition (PE) are the two most popular versions. The Java Edition is the game’s original version that users can play on PC, Mac, and Linux.

The Pocket Edition was specifically designed for mobile devices and can be played on Android and iOS devices, as well as Windows 10 Mobile. Recently, there has been an increase in players using Chromebooks to play Minecraft.

Can I download Minecraft Java Edition for free?

There are a few ways that you can still play Minecraft for free, even though there is no longer a legal way to obtain a free copy of Minecraft Java Edition. The first way is to download the demo version of the game. The demo version is free to download and play, but it only includes a fraction of the features available in the full game. However, it is still a great way to get a taste of what Minecraft is all about.

Another way to play it for free is by using an emulator. Emulators allow you to play older video games on your computer or mobile device. There are several different emulators that you can use to play, and most of them are free to download and use. However, keep in mind that not all emulators are created equal. Some emulators provide better graphics and gameplay than others.


Downloading Minecraft on Chromebook is a relatively easy process that can be accomplished in just a few minutes. By following the steps outlined in this article, you should be able to start playing the game on your Chromebook in no time.

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